Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bathing Beauty

"I believe in getting into hot water - it helps keep you clean" - G.K. Chesterton

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Taking a bath can be a wondeful way to treat and deep-cleanse your skin, ease aching muscles and lull the mind into a state of quiet relaxation.

Have you ever used essential oils in your bath? If not give these blends a go:

Calming blend: Chamomile 4 drops, rose 4 drops.
Euphoric blend: Lavender 4 drops, orange 2 drops, clary sage 4 drops.
Grounding blend: Bergamot 3 drops, lavender 4 drops, sandalwood 3 drops.
Pampering blend: Rose 3 drops, neroli 3 drops, lavender 3 drops.
Balancing blend: Geranium 4 drops, neroli 3 drops, rose 2 drops.
Reviving blend: Lemon 2 drops, pine 2 drops rose 4 drops,
Uplifting blend: Bergamot 4 drops, clary sage 3 drops, ylang-ylang 4 drops.

Add the oils after you have run the bath - the oils sit on top and when you get in the soothing oils go all over your body.

Remember always read the labels on bottles (some oils are not suitable for all people) and only use pure essential oils.

Let me know if they made a difference.

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Twisted Cinderella said...

oooh a wonderful pampering idea!